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Fri 17 Oct 2014
(over 1 year ago)


Warlords of Draenor

I just updated Protwarbar to display correct Shield Barrier values for WoD. This now includes Versatility and Resolve healing bonus. The value should be updated in realtime. Check it out version

Leech is not used for absorbs alas. It was fun to use Juggernaut's Focusing Crystal now though, the heals are very small, but so are all the numbers now.

Being able to leap 40 yards does not get old :)


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Mon 13 Oct 2014
(over 1 year ago)


Warlords of Draenor


Long time no post. It's near 6.0.2, time to go to war once again!

Wowhead has a very good write-up on the warrior changes in WoD, check it out. I'll try to post more frequent again about the protection warrior stuff I care about.  


I updated protwarbar to work with WoD. I hope it works, please report issues or requests. In the next few weeks I'll work on it some more to work even better with the new WoD features.

Known issues:

  • Shield barrier calculation is not correct
  • Icons for rage related abilities (like Shield Block), won't update correctly if you don't have that ability on your action bar
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Tue 11 Mar 2014
(about 2 years ago)


Warlords of Draenor

I am likely not alone in being disappointed by the announced maximum release date for WoD of the 20th December this year. Every time Blizzard talks about these time issues they claim they will speed up upcoming releases and promise to do better. Is this the case? or just pure BS. Lets have a look at the release dates for all the major patches through out the years. In the chart below you'll see the amount of days in between big content patches.


If we focus only on raid content the picture stays somewhat the same. The bars in the 3.x zone are lower on average, this is because Blizzard released both Onyxia and Ruby Sanctum as small bosses. We can argue how big a success RS was, but at least it was something fresh for a little bit.


What we see is the 'dead time' in between expansions has been somewhat consistent. You where farming 301 days of Dragon Soul until MoP raid content hit. If you discount RS, somebody was d/c'ing in Defile for a whopping 363 days.

Now if we count the days in between the release of SoO and the last possible release date of WoD, it would be 466 days! If we are optimistic and use previous release downtimes we get the 8th of July for 301 days (MoP) , and 8th of September for 363 days (Cata). Both dates seem ambitious at this point in time, as the closed beta has not even been announced yet. The closed beta usually starts about 5 to 6 months before the release.

I don't think we'll have to wait until the very end of this year to get WoD, but it does seem that it will be a new record downtime for raid content. The very thing they promised to reduce on multiple occasions. I can only speculate what this will do for the subscribers amount, but they might have to do without me for a few months.

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Thu 19 Sep 2013
(over 2 years ago)


5.4 Gear

Just in case you missed it:

This reduces our options but it is a good thing (tm), tanks should not be top DPS.

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Tue 17 Sep 2013
(over 2 years ago)


Gear 5.4

Here we go once again, the relevant 5.4 items for protection warriors. With the addition of flex raids, linking up to 6 (raid finder, flex, normal, warforged, heroic, heroic warforged) is just silly. I'll only list the normal and heroic versions of the items this time around.

It seems Blizzard forgot to add tank stats only pants to the loot tables.















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Mon 16 Sep 2013
(over 2 years ago)



People have been asking it for ages, I've been promising it for about just as long. But it's finally here. Trinket support has been added to Protwarbar.

Protwarbar should automatically detect the trinkets you are wearing and add the two trinket icons. If you don't want to track a trinket, you can disable them per trinket in the options panel. To keep it orderly you can make Protwarbar forget about old no longer relevant trinkets.

Please try out the current Protwarbar Aplha, your feedback and suggestions are welcome as always.

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Mon 02 Sep 2013
(over 2 years ago)


Mists of Pandaria 5.4

5.4 is on our doorsteps, it's a good time to see how our heroes will enter the gates of Orgrimmar.

First off some overall gameplay changes:


  • All taunt type abilities now increase all threat generated against the target while the taunt is active by 200%.
  • Vengeance has received several changes.
  • Characters in a tanking specialization now generates 40% more threat.
  • Vengeance now grants Attack Power equal to 1.5% of the damage taken, down from 1.8% (The tooltip said 2% but it was actually 1.8%).
  • Tanks no longer receive Vengeance from many persistent area damage effects (standing in the fire) or from missed attacks (dodging and parrying an attack will continue to work as it has before).
  • Vengeance gains from being critically hit have been reduced by 50%.
  • There are now diminishing returns on Vengeance gains while tanking multiple targets. Each additional target grants progressively less Vengeance.
  • So as not to affect Challenge Mode leader boards, the above Vengeance changes will not apply there. For Challenge Modes, Vengeance will continue to work as it did in patch 5.3.

With these threat changes you'll no longer need to retaunt off your other tank when he still hits for a train because of vengeance. The very little part of threat management that was still in the game is now nullified.

I've updated the vengeance guide to reflect the 5.4 changes, read that for more details about the vengeance changes.


  • Battle, Berserker and Defensive Stance [alternative: Warrior Stances] now have a 1.5-second cooldown (down from 3 seconds).
  • Blood and Thunder now also increases the damage of Thunder Clap by 50%.
  • Deep Wounds damage has been increased by 65%.
  • Enrage now also triggers on critical hits from Devastate and Shield Slam.
  • Hamstring is no longer on a global cooldown.
  • Intervene now also breaks roots and snares when used.
  • Shattering Throw no longer costs rage.
  • Shield Wall no longer requires a shield. If the Warrior does not have a shield equipped, it will show a visual of an equipped shield.
  • Spell Reflection no longer requires a shield. If the Warrior does not have a shield equipped, it will show a visual of an equipped shield.

More damage out of Thunder Clap, and Devastate (by Deep Wounds), this is part of the attempt to get Warriors more on level with the other tanks. Shattering Throw no longer costs rage and you should use it when ever there is a suitable opportunity. The other changes, besides the crit enrage, more on that later, are quality of life changes. This will make the class more fun to play.


  • Revenge now generates 20 Rage (up from 15 Rage).
  • Riposte is a new passive ability learned by Protection Warriors at level 76. When the Warrior dodges or parries any attack, they gain 75% of their Parry and Dodge as an additional bonus to Critical Strike for 20 seconds.
  • Ultimatum now activates from critical hits with Shield Slam instead of a flat 20% chance, and the ability will make the next Heroic Strike or Cleave be a critical hit in addition to costing no Rage.

More rage from Revenge is very nice, though I don't think it was needed. Riposte shows off the real design change for protection warriors. Critical Strike is now a thing. Ultimatum will trigger from crit Shield Slam strikes, and you'll enrage from crit Shield Slam/Devastate hits. With the increased crit chance you should be able to generate a bit more rage and have a bit more explosive game play, yay.

What bothers me though is that this does nothing for magic only bosses, a fight we where already not well suited for now will also not increase our DPS.


  • Bladestorm's cooldown has decreased to 60 seconds (down from 1.5 minutes).
  • Arms: Bladestorm now deals 180% of weapon damage (up from 120%).
  • Protection: Bladestorm now deals 160% of weapon damage (down from 240%).
  • Bloodbath's snare and bleed effects are now two separate debuffs. Clearing one of the effects will no longer remove the other.
  • Enraged Regeneration now instantly heals the warrior for 10% of their total health (up from 5%), and an additional 10% over 5 seconds (up from 5%).
  • Impending Victory now heals the Warrior for 20% of their maximum health at all times (up from 15% on attack and 20% on kills that yield experience or honor).
  • Storm Bolt now has a duration of 4 seconds (up from 3 seconds), and has an off-hand attack for Fury Warriors.
  • Vigilance no longer transfers damage to the Warrior. The talent now reduces amount of damage the target takes by 30% for 12 seconds.
  • Warbringer now roots the target for 4 seconds instead of stunning them for 3 seconds. The 50% reduction to movement speed snare effect for 8 seconds remains unchanged. Glyph of Blitz will now cause Warbringer to root an additional 2 nearby targets.

Bladestorms damage reduction equals it's CD reduction, nothing changes there, still good fun to use though.

In 5.4 you'll have a bigger chance to be enraged then ever before in MoP, ER's change is good. When enraged you'll get a 40% HP heal every minute, very interesting indeed. Impending Victory now heals for (2x20) 40% a minute as well, at a 20 rage cost. Both IV and ER are now very good and can be picked on a per fight basis.

With Vigilance no longer transferring the damage you can use it more freely and remember that your warrior DPS'ers in your raid can use it now without risk as well.


New Major Glyphs

  • Glyph of the Executor: Killing an enemy with Execute grants Rage.
  • Glyph of Impaling Throws: Heroic Throw now leaves an axe in the target, which can be retrieved by moving within 5 yards of the target to finish the cooldown of Heroic Throw. This effect will only occur when Heroic Throw is cast from more than 10 yards away from the target.

New Minor Glyphs

  • Glyph of the Raging Whirlwind: Whirlwind gives additional Rage over time, but for that time the Warrior no longer generates Rage from auto-attacks.
  • Glyph of the Subtle Defender: Removes the threat generation bonus from Defensive Stance.
  • Glyph of the Weaponmaster: Shout abilities cause the appearance of the Warrior's weapon to change to that of a random weapon from their primary bag for a short time.

Nothing of import to us from these changes.


In 5.4 you'll be playing the best version of protection warrior this far in MoP. Prot has been improved slightly on all fronts this time around, but we are still weak versus magic only encounters. Prot will do good, Garrosh will meet our shields and eat our steel.

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Sat 15 Jun 2013
(almost 3 years ago)



The first changes for 5.4 have been announced, so lets take a quick look at what we might expect.

  • Enrage now also triggers on critical hits from Devastate and Shield Slam.
  • Shattering Throw no longer costs rage.
  • Enraged Regeneration now instantly heals the warrior for 10% of their total health (up from 5%), and an additional 10% over 5 seconds (up from 5%).
  • Vigilance no longer transfers damage to the Warrior. The talent now reduces amount of damage the target takes by 30% for 12 seconds.

More uptime on enrage will increase our DPS slightly, this is a good thing, prot dps is still way below average. It's fun to get a little bit extra out of Recklessness and this change will increase our RPS very slightly, a nice benefit.

Shattering Throw is strong, quickly looking at some logs on WOL, I don't see it used that often. The current rage cost out ways the benefit to the raid by far, so I am not sure whats up with that. I am inclined to believe this change is motivated by PVP reasoning, but it's a nice change for everybody.

Enraged Regeneration healing output has been increased, the current tooltip still says it will double the healing when enraged. This gives you a potential 40% healing every 60 seconds. Making ER a very attractive talent.

The Vigilance change is not entirely clear to me, though it's a good thing the damage is no longer transfered. I don't see a good use for this talent over Save Guard besides the taunting. 

Set bonus

Tier 16 set bonuses look fun this time around.

2p: You heal for 30% of all damage blocked with a shield and 30% of all damage absorbed by Shield Barrier.
4p: For 10 sec after Shield Wall fades, you gain Rage from taking damage.

The two piece seems very strong, and making crit block (thus mastery) a way more interesting stat then it is now. Because you both reduce the amount of damage you get, and increase the amount of healing you receive. For a general idea, imagine a boss hitting you 3 times for 100k in 6 seconds.

Action Damage taken Healing Effective damage
Do nothing 300K   300K
Normal block 210K   210K
Crit block 120K   120K
Normal block with T16 210K 27K 183K
Crit block with T16 120K 54K 66K

Speculating on healing from Shield Barrier is a lot harder as it vastly effected by your Vengeance values. On a per fight basis, this can work out very nice indeed. I still would like to see a mastery component working on Shield Barrier so we don't need 2 sets. In T16 it will be even more useful to have 2 sets of gear, a mastery/block set and a stamina/sbar set.

As of yet it is unclear for me how much rage you'll receive out of the 4 piece bonus, depending on that factor it can be meh or great. Looking at other tanks, their 4p bonus is significant, so we can hope it works out for us as well.

Tracking effective blocking

I'll go into slightly more technical details here, you can skip this.

Given the 2p bonus, we can now, for the first time in a long while, actually precisely track our block totals without needing complicated addons. In the current state of the game, a combat log entry will only show the absorb value if an attack is fully absorbed, hiding the block value. An example:

If you take a 100k hit without a shield on you, and you block it, the combat log will show you for how much you blocked. Though, if you have a 100k+ shield on you while you are getting the 100k hit, it will only show you that you absorbed 100k damage. This is of no import to almost all of the players. But if you are like me, you enjoy looking at the logs after a raid, to see if you can change your gear or playstyle to improve. Accurate results are important for this, and seeing how much you blocked and when is vital for a prot warrior. With the heal proc'ing from the block, we can now see the block and work backwards. 

A better solution of course would be to fix the combat logs, but there is not enough developer time (nor is it important enough) to fix the design flaws from 1999 (yes WoW is that old).


No shocking changes yet, for once this expansion it's not all about PVP. All the changes are good and the tier bonus looks fun, but be aware, 5.4 is still far away, a lot can change.

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